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50 : 50 Split

Horny swinger couples and sexy singles

Approximately half of our members are swinger couples and the rest are singles, split more or less evenly between male and female.
Although it is the case that some swinger couples prefer to organise and attend parties where the guestlist is made entirely of couples, there are still plenty of opportunities for singles to enjoy uninhibited adult fun.
Evenly split membership helps this to happen but if you are a single, don't be afraid to approach couples as well as other singles.
Adult dating as a threesome is always great fun and for some people it is the ultimate sexual fantasy fulfillment.


Typical cross section of society.

The average member is just like an average member of society and there is no more and no less a proportion of beauty queens or gorgeous hunks than you would expect to find anywhere else.
Similarly, members represent just about every kind of social background and there is a typical cross spread of ethnic origins. Lifestyles, employment, interests, beliefs and values are equally varied.
The one factor they all have in common is their enthusiasm for uninhibited adult fun.So no matter who you are, where you come from, how old you are or what you look like; you will be warmly welcomed and find like-minded people in every area.