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About Us

Club is older than the internet

The club has been going longer than the internet itself, starting out as a magazine and postal adult contact club, more than two decades ago. The founder members, were swingers who attended some of the parties that existed in those days. They were few and far between and those people who were in the know often had to travel considerable distances to attend them or even to just meet up with other, like-minded people.
The club was formed as an attempt to overcome these difficulties, and by building membership up over a period of time, it succeeded in bringing people together and provided them with the essential information they needed.
When the internet became sophisticated enough to make this task so much easier, the club started its online adult dating service, which has since grown into the largest network of its kind in the UK

The really good news is that it doesn't matter where you live. You will be able to find members in even the more remote area of the UK and Ireland
Sign up for free and you'll soon get the hang of making adult contacts in whatever areas you want to search.
There are single females, single males and couples for you to choose from. They are all age groups and you will be able to view their photos, profiles, and - for those who them - naughty video clips too!.

Parties too

A great way of getting to know others

If you want to attend adult parties, there is a monthly bulletin board full of them to choose from. You will also receive invitations to private parties too.
You can also join in a variety of forums and adult chat-rooms. It's a great way of getting to know other members and establishing your own presence and reputation as an enthusiastic contributor
If you are looking for more adventuresome adult fun, you might want attend a party. Club members get to choose from numerous adult parties every month and most areas of the country have venues or hosting members.

Choose your type of party.
If you are a couple, you may want to attend swinger parties
Or why not go to a mixed couples / singles party as well?
Alternatively, some singles may prefer a 'Greedy Girls Party' or maybe a gang-bang.
You will also find adult dinner parties, fetish parties or even nudist parties for naturists who swing.

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